ShareMe For PC Download on Windows 7/8/10 (32-64 Bit) – Official

ShareMe for PC (MiDrop) is one of the most downloaded applications for transferring any kind of file in a few minutes. Looking for a simple way to download Shareme PC? We will help you out. You can transfer the files from ShareMe whether you have windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, or Mac operating system. Also, this tool’s application will be simple to use.

Mostly, Applications on the play store are made for mobile phones. Especially, you will have a variety of apps for downloading on the android phone. However, now there are a lot of hacks that you can use for using the same apps on the pc and other devices, whether it has android software or not.

In our guide, we are going to share some methods that you can choose for downloading the app of (Mi Drop) Share Me on PC. We will provide a link that will let you download Share Me without any emulator. So stick with us till the end to know the step-by-step method and transfer the files in the quickest possible manner without wifi or cellular network. Read on!

Download ShareMe For PC Free (Mi Drop)

ShareMe PC (Mi Drop) is used for transferring files from one device to another without any internet connection. Do you know currently this app is installed on more than 100,000,000+ devices?

ShareMe for PC Download

The main reason for the huge number of downloads of this application is the free usage. You don’t need any internet connection with the application for downloading it. Also, the app has 4.8 stars rating on average by all the users.

Download ShareMe For PC .exe File

No doubt, this application is very comfortable, and you will have simple features. This app can be used on the pc, mobile phones, and other devices. And the good news? You will have a simple user interface. You can transfer the files, including the music, images, and other apps.

How To Install On Windows

You can install ShareMe on Windows by the link we are providing. The application is ad-free, and you will have a p2p file that is quick to transfer among all other apps in the market. You will be comfortable using the application as well.

How To Install On MAC

Do you have a PC with MAC operating system? You can install Share Me (Mi Drop For PC) application by our .exe file link. You don’t need to switch to the Windows operating system to install this App. Below is another way of downloading this App (Mi Drop) on pc with the help of an emulator.

Download & Install Share Me on PC With Emulator

Now you will know how to download and install the ShareMe application for a computer with the help of an emulator. You will have the simplest way of downloading the applications on the pc that are only made for android devices. This Application is ideal for transferring heavy files.

For instance, you can use this Awesome File Transferring App for transferring the beauty plus, SnapSeed, Subway Surfer, PUBG, and other games. And the best part? You can use this App for transferring any audio or video file format as well. Moreover, you can transfer the files without any internet connection. Let’s move onto the method for downloading method of an emulator.

Download Bluestacks

You can use the BlueStacks for installing the ShareMe on Windows 7/8/10. You will have an emulator that is simple to use, and you will be able to use it on the windows and mac operating systems as well. The compatibility of BlueStacks is wide, and you can install it by using the following steps:

Step 1:

The simplest way to download the BlueStacks is by clicking on the given link if you have not installed it before on your device.

Step 2:

The process of installing This App is very simple and quick. You can install the application in just a few minutes. Now you can open the application.

Step 3:

Now you have to take some time to install the Bluestacks application. After opening the app, you have to go to the home screen of Bluestacks.

Step 4:

You can go to the google play store as well for installing the app. You have to click on the application twice to install it in your system.

Step 5:

The application will provide you an option to search, and you can install Share Me on your computer easily. Now you can transfer the files from the app without an internet connection.

Step 6:

You have to press for one time on the button of sharing me for transferring the files without any cellular or internet connection. You will have a list of files in the application of Bluestacks that you can download on pc easily.

Above all, Bluestacks is one of the most downloaded emulators all over the world, and you have to double-click on the Share Me application to use it. Also, the files will be transferred automatically, and you will be able to use the application on the pc and mobile phones easily.

You will have a file of Sluestacks that will let you import the files. You don’t have to download the application from other sources if you are using the BlueStacks for this purpose. However, the simplest method for installing the BlueStacks is using the link that we have given above in our guide.

Features of Share Me For PC

There are some features that made the ShareMe application valuable than other apps for transferring files. You will be able to share the apps from one place in minimal time, and it doesn’t even require an internet connection.

User Interface

This Application has the most convenient user interface, and it is simple to use by anyone who has just downloaded it on the phone. You will have an application that has the quickest interface and doesn’t lag no matter how many files you transfer from one to another place. Moreover, you will have a .exe file for pc above for downloading it easily.

You will have quick access and the simplest way to make the decision. It comes with a home page interface too. This application will give you some categories that you can choose before transferring the files from one place to another. The sending and receiving of the files will be done in a few seconds.


The speed of the Share Me application is amazing. You will be transferring the files within seconds. Also, you will have a great performance for transferring the photos and videos. As well, the app will not be led down by any user who needs to transfer the files within seconds. Plus, you will have an efficient app for transferring files, and it is quicker than the share it application for transferring any kind of file.

No Internet Required

Another great feature of ShareMe is that it doesn’t require any internet connection. You don’t have to rely on the cellular or wifi connection for transferring the files from one device to another. Plus, you will be easily connecting the device while sending the files. You can transfer the files from pc as well without having any internet connection.

File Types

The file type required for transferring the files from ShareMe includes JPEG, MP3, video, and many more. You don’t need to choose a definite format for transferring the files from one place to another. You can transfer the audio, video, and other types of files from the pc easily. Also, the application is quite versatile because you can share the large size of files too in a few seconds.

No Device Limitation

Best of all, there is no device limitation. You will be easily able to connect the device to the computer. Indeed, the application of ShareMe is convenient and trusted to download from any source. You will not have any trouble while downloading the app.


We like the share my application because it doesn’t interrupt the ads. You will be transferring the files without any hassle, and it will not include any ad promotions too. The designers of ShareMe made it quite obvious that you will not have any promotional interruption.

Language Support

This application is supporting several languages, so you don’t have to worry about that while installing it on your phone or pc. You will have the simplest options for using the ShareMe application. It is available in several languages, including English, Bengali, Chinese, Espanol, Portuguese, українська мова, and Tiếng Việt,

Read on to know what else Share Me can do!

What Can ShareMe PC Application Do?

  • Ideally made for android devices for sharing the pictures, tracks, files, and other programs, but now you can download it on pc too.
  • You will have the best application support for transferring any kind of file.
  • It doesn’t require an internet connection for transferring the files.
  • You can easily send the files and receive them as well.
  • The sharing connection will be 200x faster than Bluetooth.
  • You will have the protection with a login id.
  • You can transfer encoding easily.
  • The application will remain up to date, and you will have an FTP server for transferring the files.
  • The pace requires for transferring the files from the phone to the computer will be up to 2 MBPS.
  • There will not be any interruption while transferring the files.
  • This application will not interfere with any ads as Shareit does.

System Requirements

  • Emulator: BlueStacks and Nox app player
  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/10 & Mac
  • Required Android Version: Android 5.0 +
  • RAM: 4GB (Minimum)


Below are the most recurrently asked questions about this amazing application. Check them out!

Can I Download Share Me Without Any Emulator On PC?

No, you cannot download the Share Me application directly on the pc whether you have windows or mac operating system. You have to use an emulator, and we have given you a link that you can use for installing it easily in your system. On the other hand, the Application is ideally made for those who need to transfer files from android devices.

How To Connect The Application The Computer?

You have to connect the application to the computer by using the topmost section of the computer, and it is very easy to use.

Can I Use Mi Drop On Computer For Using The Shareme Application?

To use the ShareMe application on the computer, you have to download the emulator mi drop. Also, the application is very easy to download, but you can use the BlueStacks emulator as well. Download the emulator from the play store.

How To Install The Shareme On The Pc With Windows Operating System?

Firstly, you have to install an emulator on the pc; you have to install the ShareMe app.

Do All Countries Allow To Download The Application Of Shareme?

Yes, all the countries are allowed to download the application of ShareMe. However, the application is originally developed by Xiaomi. Inc, china. So China has not restricted any country to use this app.

Is The Emulator Bluestacks Convenient To Download In The Pc?

The emulator BlueStacks are convenient to download on the pc. You will have the simplest way of using the ShareMe App on PC by downloading an emulator before.

How To Transfer The Files From One To Another Place While Using Shareme On The PC?

You can transfer the files from one place to another while using ShareMe on PC. Firstly, you have to press the button of start and then use the option of connecting segment. It will give an option of connecting to the computer screen, and you will be able to send and receive files now.

If you have any other question that is not covered in this section, then you can comment in the below section.

Final Verdict

All in all, you have seen some of the quick and easy methods for downloading ShareMe for PC. You will be able to use the Share Me App on the pc now by using our link or downloading the BlueStacks application. This application was formerly known as mi drop, but now the company changed the name. Are you still having trouble while installing ShareMe for pc? You can comment below. We will help you out. Thanks for jabbing with us till the end.